St. Thomas the Apostle School Uniform

St. Thomas the Apostle School requires that students follow a specific Uniform Dress Code. Compliance to the Uniform Dress Code is a condition of enrollment at St. Thomas the Apostle School. The school uniform is utilitarian and basic. As a Catholic school, St. Thomas promotes modesty in dress and appearance. All school clothing is to be clean and free of holes, frays, tears, or tatters. School clothing is gender appropriate. Sources of school apparel may be found at a variety of vendors.

Uniform Dress Code

Shirts: Maroon K-5 Middle School - Black *Heather Gray Long or short sleeved polo style shirt. Must be loose fitting, appropriate for school and tucked into pant waist at all times. *Gray to be worn with plaid skirt or jumper.

Pants: Khaki in color Classic cut only, no capris or spandex leggings. Must be loose fitting, appropriate for school, with natural waist resting above the hip. No stirrups or elastic ankles.

Skirts/Skorts and Jumpers: Burgundy/gray plaid available at Land's End. The bottom hem must extend to an appropriate knee length.

Shorts: Khaki in color Walking/dress shorts at appropriate length. Must be loose fitting, appropriate for school. No spandex Shorts may be own from the first day of school in the Fall through October 31, and from April 15 through the end of the school year.

Sweaters: Gray Cardigan, V-Neck, or crew neck. Must be loose fitting, appropriate for school. No decorative accent colors, labels, ruffles or piping allowed. Uniform polo must be worn underneath.

Belt: Black or brown All students in grades 4-8 must wear a plain leather belt. No woven, cloth or braided belts.

Socks: Solid white, black, gray and brown Crew, knee high, athletic style socks and tights are acceptable. Leggings and thigh high stockings are not appropriate for school. Socks must be visible above the top of the shoe. A small logo may be visible but must be white, gray or black in color.

Shoes: Black, brown, white or gray Plain leather dress shoes, (low-heel only) or athletic shoes and laces. Shoes are to compliment the uniform not detract from it. No sandals, clogs, crocs, moccasins or boots are permitted. No prints or patterns. Shoe jewelry, frayed shoes, shoes with wheels or flashing lights are not allowed.

Fleece Pullover for Grades K-5: Maroon Quarter zip pullover fleece from Land's End or the store on this website. May be worn during school hours over a uniform shirt.

Fleece Pullover for Grades 6-8: Maroon/Black Quarter zip pullover. May be worn during school hours over a uniform shirt. Middle school students only.

Casual Day Guidelines: Jeans - Must follow the same style guidelines as the uniform pants. No holes, decorative embroidery, fringe or labels are allowed. Jeans must be loose fitting. No skinny jeans, capris, cargo-style or jeggings are permitted.

Tops - Approved tops include uniform polos, spirit wear, Catholic schools week shirts, Artsonia shirts, scouting tops or vestments or any STS athletic team jerseys with sleeves.

Athletic Pants - Must be loose fitting. Tight fitting workout wear is not allowed.

Shorts - May be worn during the time that shorts are allowed.

Hair: Hair should be well-groomed each day. Fads, extreme styles, unnatural colors, tails, corn-rows or beads/ornaments braided into the hair or designs shaved into the hair are not permitted. No mohawks. Not hats or caps are to be worn inside the school building.

Boys: Sides should be no longer than the top of the ear and the back cut so that no hair falls onto the shirt collar. Bangs shall fall above the eyebrow.

Girls: Bangs must be either cut above the eyebrow or pulled back so that they do not cover any part of the eyes. Hair adornments should be limited to maroon, black, white, gray, brown or burgundy/gray plaid.

Jewelry: Watch, ring, and a cross or medal on a metal chain are acceptable choices of jewelry.

Boys: No earrings allowed

Girls: Small earrings. No dangles or hoops are permitted.

Make-Up: No make-up is permissible in grades K-8. Colored nail polish and artificial nails are not permitted for students in grades K-8. Girls in grades 6-8 are permitted to wear clear lip gloss and clear nail polish. No French manicures.

Contact Lenses: Special effect contact lenses, including halogen lenses are not appropriate for school.

Gym Wear: Shirts - Gray

Shorts: Maroon

K-2 Sweatpants/Track Pants: Maroon or Gray All of the above are available on the website store. Items must be ordered.

Shoes: Athletic shoes, supportive of the active nature of this class, are required. Gym shoes must have non-marking soles that are not slippery. May be either velcro or tie closure. Athletic shoes will be left at school throughout the academic year. No sandals, moccasins, crocs, or boots are allowed for gym. No flashing lights, shoe jewelry, or wheels are allowed. ALL GYM CLOTHING must have student identification. Students in grades K-2 will wear their gym uniform to school. All other students will change at STS for their gym class.