STS Mission and Beliefs


Instilling Christ, Compassion, and Character by educating the Mind, Body, and Spirit.


We Believe that through the collaborative efforts of school, staff, religious leaders, students, parents, and community stakeholders, St. Thomas the Apostle students will achieve faith foundations and academic excellence by understanding:

  • That the purpose of St. Thomas the Apostle School is to communicate Christ to students so that their attitudes towards others will be that of Christ;

  • That the whole child is to be educated;

  • That all children registered at St. Thomas the Apostle School will be provided an opportunity for educational growth to the optimum degree of their potential; 

  • That the school shares with the home, the Church, and the community the responsibility to maintain this environment; 

  • That to these ends, the school should develop in children the knowledge, skills, habits, understandings, attitudes, and character traits essential for a rich personal faith life- “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly!”;

  • That the school should assist students to discover, in the light of their faith, their vocation to live responsibly in a community with others, to share their personal lives with God, and to achieve responsible, contributing citizenship;

  • That no one should be excluded from St. Thomas the Apostle School on the basis of race, ethnic background, or economic status;

  • That school staff will provide a challenging, rigorous academic experience for diverse learners.