Board meetings are usually held on the third Wednesday of the month. The Board does not hold a meeting in the months of June and December.

Public Attendance Guidelines:

  • Meetings of the St. Thomas the Apostle School Board are open for public observation but not for public participation. 

  • Persons wishing to address the School Board must submit a request in writing 10 days prior to the meeting in question. Requests shall be submitted to both the principal and the School Board president. Such request must include a statement describing the content to be presented. All requests will be reviewed to ascertain whether the content directly relates to the specific directives, responsibilities and policies of the School Board. 

  • Approved requests shall appear on the meeting agenda and the requestor will be notified.

  • It is inappropriate for the School Board to hear grievances regarding an individual student, teacher, or staff member. 

  • Presentations by visitors to the School Board shall occur at the inception of the School Board meeting and shall last no more than five (5) minutes. At the conclusion of the visitor’s presentation, the School Board president shall assign the issue to the appropriate committee, the principal, or the pastor, for further review as needed. No School Board discussion shall follow the presentation.