Casual Days

Dress down days (casual days) are days designated for students to dress down.

The proceeds from these days benefit different organizations like St. Jude’s Children’s   Hospital, Riley’s Children’s Hospital, the Holy Innocent’s organization etc. Students are asked to bring $2.00 to participate.

The other casual day in the month is a free Casual Day. Watch the monthly calendar that  is sent home to keep track of these days.

All clothing must be loose fitting and appropriate for school on casual day

Jeans: No skinny jeans, capris, cargo-style or jeggings are permitted. No holes, decorative embroidery, fringe, or labels are allowed.

Athletic Pants: Must be loose fitting. Tight fitting workout wear, spandex leggings, and pajama are not allowed.

Tops: Approved tops include uniform polos, spirit wear. Catholic Schools Week shirts, scouting tops or vestments, or STS athletic team jerseys with sleeves. Athletic t-shirts of organized teams (High School, College, Professional) are allowed.

Shoes:  Non-uniform shoes may be worn. No sandals, clogs, crocs, or moccasins, are permitted for safety reasons. Shoes with wheels or flashing lights are not allowed.