The Before Care Program begins at 7:00 am. On weather-related delayed start school days, Before Care begins at 9:00 am to ensure that all necessary staff has the opportunity to arrive safely to our facility before students are allowed inside.

The After Care Program will begin at 3:15 pm and conclude at 5:30 pm. All students will proceed to or be escorted to the designated After Care Program facilities at the end of the school day. 

  • Students are expected to remain under the supervision of the After Care staff until they are signed out by a parent, guardian, or authorized responsible adult.

  • Parents or authorized adults shall use the Main St. doorbell to gain access to the After Care areas. He/she shall sign the After Care attendance log book, acknowledging the time of pick-up, gather the student(s), and promptly leave the facility.

  • Students who participate in extracurricular activities which ensue later than 3:15 pm MUST remain in the After Care program until the adult responsible for the activity (i.e. coach, leader) signs the student out of the After Care attendance log. This adult must have been previously identified in writing by parents as authorized to accept responsibility for the student to attend the practice or activity.

  • Students will not be allowed to leave After Care to attend or participate in an activity without following school guidelines.