STS Tuition and Financial Aid


Tuition costs will be determined by Diocesan policy. St. Thomas the Apostle School maintains a system of calculating tuition and fees which partially funds the costs of operating and maintaining the school.

Each year St. Thomas the Apostle School assesses certain fees to offset costs associated with enrolled students at the school. These fees are re-evaluated each year by the administration and the Parish Finance Committee and adjusted as determined necessary.

St. Thomas the Apostle School does NOT assess fees to cover costs associated with eighth grade graduation or most Sacrament-related events for currently enrolled students.

All fees are non-refundable

Families from neighboring parishes should contact Marcia Gleason at the school office to discuss discounts available to them.

Marcia Gleason

Rates and Annual Fees for 2023/2024 Academic Year

Kindergarten-8th grade

$6,860 per student - Parishioner

$7,900 per student - Non Parishioner

Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten (ages 3-5)

A registration fee of $250 per student is required for the early learning program at St. Thomas.

Full Day Preschool

3/4 yrs. by August 1

Parishioner Rate

Non Parishioner Rate

2 days a week



3 days a week



5 days a week



Half Day Preschool

3/4 yrs. by August 1


2 days a week



3 days a week



5 days a week



Kindergarten Prep

4/5 yrs. by August 1


Full Day (8:05 am-3:15 pm)

Monday - Friday



Half Day (8:05 am -12:30 pm)

Monday - Friday



Financial Assistance

Financial assistance through St. Thomas the Apostle Parish is available to active parishioners of St. Thomas the Apostle Church only for children in grades K-8. Those seeking financial assistance toward payment of tuition and other fees should contact the school office for guidance.

SCRIP Tuition Reimbursement Program

Parents of St. Thomas the Apostle School students may earn tuition credit through purchases made via the SCRIP Program. 

Indiana School Choice Program

St. Thomas the Apostle School participates in the Indiana School Choice program. Please call or visit the school office and visit the official website,, for more information.

Note: Income levels are determined in accordance with the Income Verification Rules document available at

Student Granting Organization (SGO)

The Student Granting Organization of Northeast Indiana was founded in 2011 to provide low to middle income families with scholarships to attend Catholic schools in the Diocese of Fort Wayne - South Bend.

The SGO grant is income based and helps families afford the school of their choice. SGO scholarships are funded by charitable corporate or individual private donations, not by the state.

Families who qualify and receive the SGO will then have a pathway to apply for the state School Choice Scholarship the next school year. Families must provide the school with the first two pages of their 1040 tax return.

Please contact Marcia Gleason at 574-264-4855 or email at for further information.

Church Assistance

Families that do not qualify for the SGO (Scholarship Granting Organization) or the state School Choice Scholarship may apply for the St. Thomas Church tuition assistance. Families must be active members of St. Thomas the Apostle Parish.

Families must fill out the application for assistance and return it to the school office when registering. The Pastor will determine how much will be awarded to each family by the amount of money that is in the assistance fund.

Contact the school office at 574-264-4855 or email Marcia Gleason at for the application form