2019-2020 Board Members
School Board Email Address
Father Jason Freiburger, Pastor frjason@stselkhart.com
Mr. Christopher Adamo, Principal cadamo@stselkhart.com
Mr. Christopher Heffner, President christopher.c.heffner@gmail.com
Mr. Joe Kiefer, Vice President Kiefer.j.r@gmail.com
Mrs. Beth Mahaffa, Secretary bmahaffa@stselkhart.com
Mrs. Amanda Zurek, Member mzurek@panelsolutions.biz
Mrs. Jude Dubash, Member judedurdella@gmail.com
Mrs. Karen Smith, Member karensmith1030@yahoo.com
Mr. Dan McDonough, Member dan@mcdfamily.me
Shaun Napier, Member shaun.napier@gmail.com
Tim Dibley, Member tdibley@frontier.com
Jennifer Horoky, Member emailkd@aol.com
Joanna Zurek, PTO President jj080680@gmail.com
Megan Fuson, YAC President meganyouthsports@gmail.com


The School Board is established by the pastor, in accordance with Diocesan policy, to assist him and the principal in the governance of the parish school. Once the Board reaches consensus on a matter of policy, the decision is effective and binding when and if it is approved by the pastor.

The Board is consultative in the following sense: the members cannot act apart from the pastor and principal and cannot make decisions binding on the parish school without the approval of the pastor. Board policy and decisions shall be binding throughout the parish when they are accepted, approved and promulgated by the pastor.

The responsibilities of the School Board of St. Thomas the Apostle School include, but are not limited to:

  1. Witnessing the application of the Catholic identity and educational mission of the school.
  2. Developing, implementing and reviewing policies for the school in conformity with all Diocesan policies and Indiana state law.
  3. Developing and maintaining the mission statement and strategic planning for the school.
  4. Development of means to finance ongoing educational programs, including public relations and marketing of the school.
  5. Providing a means for school organizations to communicate their goals and activities in an effort to coordinate their efforts for the benefit of the school.
The School Board DOES NOT
  1. Administer the school.
  2. Tell the principal how to administer the school, but gives direction through policy.
  3. Hire, evaluate, nor terminate faculty members.
  4. Have jurisdiction to hear and resolve complaints of students, parents, faculty or staff.
  5. Act as a grievance committee or conciliator, as such.